We are Damasalis.

In Damasalis, we gather pharmaceutical experts in the fields of herbal therapy, dermatology/cosmetology, and clinical pharmacy who have been working for the past 8 years on a personalized approach to each patient, aiming to prevent more serious illnesses and achieve control over their health. We firmly believe that every discomfort and disease can be brought under control, with your willingness and us as your guide accompanying you on this journey.


How long have we been working and how do we work?

It all started back in 1992 when the first branch of our family pharmacy, Rizk, was established. We stood out for our dedication and advice that brought relief to patients with long-standing unresolved ailments. We firmly believe that a person is not just their ailment but a whole being, both mentally and physically. That's why we launched Damasalis online consultancy, where we have provided the most help to busy employees and mothers. With our knowledge and experience, we have helped hundreds of people resolve their health issues in a natural way. We work with individuals who are willing to invest their effort, money, and time in their health and prevent more serious illnesses.


How can we help you?

  • We provide individual consultations and guidance to help you alleviate your symptoms as quickly as possible.
  • We assist in treating ailments with natural remedies.
  • We guide you in choosing the most suitable products from the world of medicines and dietary supplements.
  • We help you make the right choice of cosmetics for skin conditions.
  • We analyze the effectiveness of your medications and potential adverse interactions.
  • We create functional dietary supplements based on our everyday work experience with patients.
  • We address the root cause, not just the symptoms.

  • Read what others are saying about us

    In any case, I have nothing but praise for your dedication, promptness, and good recommendations for products that are the best choice considering my health problems. I picked up Kurkumin and another box of Silysmart at Terra Organica. I will definitely provide feedback.
    Thank you once again,

    Many thanks to Mrs. Lidija for her advice and for the time and effort she put into using the Silysmart product. After a diagnosis of mononucleosis in our family, we turned to Damasalis Consult, and the very kind Mrs. Lidija explained to us in detail how to use the product. Within a short period, there was an improvement in the results. I would definitely recommend the product because it has proven to be very effective for us.
    Ivana Tackovic

    I am extremely satisfied with the products from Rizk Pharmacy that I used on the recommendation of Mag. Pharm. Lidija. Due to problems with an abnormal Pap test and HPV virus, I used herbal vaginal tablets with essential oils on the warm recommendation of Lidija, which helped me achieve normal results. For strengthening my immune system and coping with stress, I used the Adapto product from Adenanatura, which I wholeheartedly recommend. After 3 weeks, I felt less tense and tired. With my order of products, I received samples of herbal cosmetics for facial care as a gift. I look forward to further collaboration. All praise and gratitude to Lidija for every answered email, advice, and monitoring of the therapy progress. I like this kind of communication because I feel that someone with their expertise is advising me and that they truly care about the customer.
    M.H., Makarska

    So, the quality of service I received from your team is top-notch, and I couldn't be more satisfied. Hats off to the detailed individual approach that seeks to understand the bigger picture and recommend the most suitable preparation to the patient, rather than just trying to make a sale. Thank you to Mag. Lidija, who communicated with my gynecologist and made efforts to help me with my hormonal issues. I want to express special gratitude to Mag. Mateja, as I had the most contact with her. She is knowledgeable, extremely kind, always available, and always answers every question and doubt of mine, explaining it multiple times if needed.
    Keep up the great work! šŸ™‚
    Best regards, Karla Kralj

    I warmly recommend the advice of esteemed Mag. Mateja from Rizk1 Pharmacy. My underage son suffers from atopic dermatitis, and she kindly received him, examined him, and talked to us about the causes and development of the disease. Based on detailed observation, she recommended products that we are very satisfied with and happily purchase them at the mentioned pharmacy. Praises to Mag. Mateja for her warmth, kindness, and quality communication.
    I. and B.